Thank you for giving me the opportunity to respond to Mandy's question. I certainly empathise with her frustration and must assure her that her dilemma is quite common but that there most definitely is light in the tunnel. 

Research shows that 90% +, of all babies with ," Colic-type " , symptoms, which include cramping, difficulty passing winds etc, that was not the result of infection or congenital conditions responds to chiropractic treatment within two weeks. In three recent international studies, 10 000 children with colic showed that spinal adjustment with parental education on postural care and activity modification had remarkable positive results. 

For 80-90% of all babies, the birth process, the position in the womb during the last trimester of pregnancy and the first three month's of being nearly human could be very traumatic.

The trauma puts the spine out of alignment which in turn causes a breakdown in communication in the way that the brain talks to the body through the spinal cord. One possible symptom is crying and discomfort without any medical explanation.

We start treating babies when they are 10 days old and have been privileged to experience miraculous results. By manipulating the spine in symptomatic babies, movement in the affected area of the spine is restored which in tern allows free communication between the brain and dis-eased structures and organs.

This may sound extreme, but due to the spine's flexibility, the treatment is gentle, safe and remarkably effective.

Colicky babies show a variety of symptoms depending where the limitation in movement in the spine is found. Adjusting the neck normalizes muscle tone and reduces inflammation. This helps to reduce mucous production and allows the baby to breathe normally.

Manipulation of the thoracic spine reduces stomach cramps and bloating. Adjusting the lower spine frees movement in that area and reduce constipation. 

Colic however is not the only reason why babies and children should be treated chiropractic. Babies with sleeping problems are often the result of an , "uncomfortable body", due to chronic low grade inflammation. Ear infections that do not respond to medications, are often the result of limited movement in the neck causing inflammation and tight neck muscles which in turn has a negative impact on the eustacean tube preventing it from clearing properly. These are but a few examples. 

The use of chiropractic in infant care, is part of a cost-effective international trend to replace reactive disease management with proactive healthcare. Many ailments, even in children , are caused by bad repetitive posture and chronic overuse and abuse of  the spine and related structures. I believe that regular chiropractic examination and treatment is essential and can make a massive impact on the patients health and general well-being. 

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Dr Ross Potgieter


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