Avoid rubbing, prodding or probing the areas adjusted by your chiropractor.
Avoid any sudden twists or turns - any movement beyond normal ranges of motion, esp. involving the neck.

Avoid extreme bending of your spine in any direction. Avoid over stretching, reaching or other overhead work.

Be especially careful when brushing or shampooing your hair.

Avoid bending or stooping with your legs straight, rather bend your knees to minimise strain on your lower back.

When lifting things, keep your back straight but bend your knees and let your legs carry the weight. Hold the object as close to your body as possible (click here for more details).

When bathing, sit rather than recline in the bath. Lying in the bath can cause a vertebra to slip out of alignment and it is preferable, if you wish to relax, to rather do so by lying in your bed.
Participate in certain conditioning exercises to strengthen your body, but avoid anything jarring which may place stress on your neck or spine.

Watch your posture at all times - stand, sleep and think TALL!



What to do after treatment

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